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Join us on a journey back in time and feast for the senses as we explore Baliem Valley Wamena Papua.

Mentawai Tribe People Located on off the coast of Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia, Mentawai consists of about seventy islands, the major islands are : Siberut (the largest), Sipora, South Pagai and NorthPagai. The difficulties in communication and transportation make the island of Siberut is isolated.

Explore the jungle in the heart into the heart of the Siberut Island in the western part off West Sumatra’s coast, to meet the indigenous people of the Mentawai who live close to nature and still live in comparative isolation, maintaining their age-old ways. It’s virgin rainforest, inhabited by a number of animal species not found anywhere else in the world, among them some rare monkey species, pleasant surprises await you to explore.

You will be rewarded with stunning views and beautiful jungles abounding with unique plant and wildlife. The real highlight of your journey though, is the chance to meet the people of Siberut, traditionally hunter, gatherer clans who are now coming into contact with the modern world.

The Mentawai Tribe are traditionally organized as patrineal groups and the social life centered around the UMA, a communal long house which held a clan of people related through a common ancestor. The UMA vary in size between 30 to 80 members divided in nuclear family units, referred to as LALEP. Because of internal friction, the clan might split up and form a new group or a single family.

They believe that all living objects, men, plants and animals are supposed to have spirits. The only specialist in the community is the medicine man, KEREI, responsible for communication with the spirits and the souls. In case of misfortune or illness, he is called in to restore harmony within the group or in relation with the spirits in the environment. An elaborate Taboo system based on religious beliefs with respect to the environment is a dominant characteristic of traditional life on Siberut.

You will stay as guests of a local Kerei (medicine -man) in the Uma (traditional family house). Here, where conditions are basic, you will gain a unique insight into the lives of these people who maintain a belief system based on living in total harmony with nature.

Visit and stay in a Mentawaian village, trek to the jungle, learn about sago processing and bark cloth processing, and do other activities that will heighten your interest in and fascination with the natural philosophy of the Mentawai Tribe


This is a challenging trek that will take you far from the tourist trail, into the heart of the Mentawai Islands. Deep within their jungles indigenous people live close to nature. A people in transition, these uncomplicated rainforest dwellers are struggling to maintain their traditional lifestyle against the paradoxes of modernization. This trek is only recommended if you are prepared to accept very basic and often uncomfortable conditions. The Mentawai Islands are in Indian Ocean, approximately 100 km to the west of Padang. Now the island is also a paradise for surfers. Your journey begins with an overnight boat crossing to Siberut the largest island in the chain.


  1. Mentawai Island is one part of Indonesia’s island that is still primitive. So you must be ready of these conditions, and your purpose of visiting, we strongly believed that is to know Mentawai’s nature and culture for a true experience of a simple and primitive culture.
  2. Before visiting Mentawai Island, it is advisable to take prophylactic doses of anti malaria medicine at least one week before departing for Mentawai, and should be continued up to two weeks after leaving.
  3. Travelers are also advised to bring sufficient supplies of medicine (Antidiarhea and seasickness, cream anti mosquito, first aid and antibiotics if possible).

Tour Length: 6 Days

Based on private (with arrival & departure)

Location: West Sumatra, Indonesia

Traditional Tatto, Traditional Dance, Daily Life Mentawaian Tribe, Photography Session

Tour Price: $650

Minimum 5 Person

Tour Leaders

Rizky Nurrahman and Special Guest Photographer

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Mentawai Tribe Photo Tour Itinerary

Day 1, Friday : Jakarta – Padang

Flight: Jakarta – Padang
Meals: Dinner
Team: Tour Leader
Exclude: Over lugagge
Stay overnight: Four (4) stars hotel in Padang

All participants arrived in Padang at night.
Meet and great with Pesona Indo Team
Dinner and back to hotel

Day 2, Saturday: Muaro Padang-Sikabaluan-Muaro Siberut-Mentawai Tribe

Boat: Mentawai fastboat 07.00 – 13.00 & Canoe 14.00 – 16.00
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Stay Overnight: “Uma” Traditional Village House
Team: Local Guide, Tour Leader

Arrived at Siberut Mentawai Island, we will report to the police station, then take a BOAT charter to the jungle, We will arrive in Kesagu ( the gate of the jungle) we will sailing on the river for 2 hours, then we arrive at Kesagu, from Kesagu we will walk to Rorogod around 2 hours. Your guide will explain some of local tools and their life style. We will overnight here at UMA the mentawaian traditional long house

Day 3, Sunday: Daily life Mentawaian People & Mentawai Traditonal Dance

Meals: Breakfast (Hotel), Lunch (lunch box), Dinner (Hotel)
Stay Overnight: “Uma” Traditional Village House
Team: Local Guide, Tour Leader

After having breakfast exploring the daily activities of Native’s Mentawai Tribe Such as: Hunting, Fishing, Making Sago Powder (Main food of Mentawaian Tribe), Making traditional Tatto. After that we see the traditional dances of Mentawai during the Ceremonies in the evening

Day 4, Monday: Daily life Mentawaian People & Photography Session

Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Stay Overnight: “Uma” Traditional Village House
Team: Local Guide, Tour Leader

We go to another village, also we will visit Kulukubuk village, there we will see the beautiful and natural waterfall by canoe about 1 hours. We take a photograph with 4 Sikerei (shaman) at waterfall and other location

Day 5, Tuesday: Mentawai Tribe-Muaro Siberut-Muaro Padang-Hotel

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Stay Overnight: Four (4) Stars Hotel in Padang
Team : Local Guide, Tour Leader

Spend last moment with the Mentawai with looks around anothers Village with short trekking and canoeing to the last mentawai village with possible you to see and meet more mentawai in their village even ometime drive you to meet some ceremonies held in the others village, after lunch prepare all your bag to cruise back to Siberut and back to Padang with mentawai fast boat at around 2 pm. After arriving in Padang, we go to Hotel and take a rest.

Day 5, Wednesday: Hotel-Airport

Meals: Breakfast
Team : Local Guide, Tour Leader

After breakfast we go to Minangkabau Airport and tour end


  1. Drinking anti malaria drug, at least 2 weeks before departure. Repeat every week on the same day during your trip. 2 tablets per week after meals, is sufficient to prevent Malaria parasites develop in your body. Continue this dose upon arrival at home, up to 4 weeks after your return home. These tablets are sold freely in pharmacies. The drug is widely available in pharmacies with a variety of brands recommendation: Malarone, Cloroquin, Docycyclin, Pills Kina, Recocin-bayern.
  2. Always Bring A Cash, along the journey difficult ATM machines meet so bring enough cash but in Siberut you still can found BRI, NAGARI BANK but in Padang city All Bank available.
  3. Prepare a budget to your own Snack, buy mentawai souvenirs, and local cigarettes and candy for Mentawai and the children
  4. Flashlight or headlamp
  5. Anti-mosquito lotion
  6. Trekking Pole
  7. Light trekking shoes and flip-flop
  8. Mattress/Sleeping bag if you need little bit more comfort
  9. Blanket or Sarong
  10. Personal Drugs
  11. Rain coat
  12. Hats and glasses
  13. Money Cash (Rupiah)

What's Included and Excluded in the Photo Tour Fee

What’s Included:

Airplane Ticket Jakarta-Padang-Jakarta

By Garuda Indonesia with 20Kg luggage

Land and sea Transportation during tour

Including Arrival & Departure Airport Transfers

2 Nights Lodging in Padang

Four (4) Stars Hotel (twin-share)

3 Night at Village House

Including mousquito net

Meals as mentioned


All Tickets & Entrance Fees

Including Travel Permit

Full Tribal Setting Ceremonies

Guides & Special Tours

Local Guide speaking English, Porter, Chef

What’s Excluded:

Airplane ticket to and from Jakarta

Over luggage

Alcoholic Beverages

Please respect local customs and traditions where alcohol is not permissible.

Tips for guides, drivers, bellhops etc.

International Medical & Travel Insurance Coverage


Supplemental Fees:

Single Room Supplement: $100

Prices are based on double occupancy unless noted. Single rooms are subject to availability. We try to accommodate participants who request single accommodations, as well as those looking for a roommate. If a single room is requested, or if we are unable to find a suitable roommate, you will be required to pay the supplement.

Small Group Additional Surcharge: $350

Photo Tour price is in US Dollars based upon a minimum of 5 paying participants. In the unlikely event the photo tour does not fill, there is a small surcharge of $500 for under 4 paying participants.

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Rizky Nurrahman

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Irsam Soetarto

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Cancellation Policy

Your deposit is a firm commitment, and will be subject to a cancellation fee, which is why we recommend trip insurance. Please refer to the Payments, Cancellations, and Refunds section in our terms and conditions to read the full details of our policies. Please do not make air travel arrangements until checking with us first.


While these descriptions represent the photo tour’s planned itinerary, we reserve the right to revise it without notice as we see fit. Details on this page are also subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to cancel the tour if the minimum number of participants is not met. And while we don’t anticipate this happening, we reserve the right to adjust the fees for this photo tour due to factors outside of our control, such as fluctuations in currency rates, political or governmental action, new applicable taxes, and such related issues. Please do not purchase air travel before confirming with us.

Participants are expected to be in fair health and be capable of spending the days walking around the various areas while carrying their own equipment.

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